SSI Specialty Waves, Tides & Currents


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Diving in currents opens up a world of new dive sites and you’ll often find the most spectacular marine life at sites exposed to strong currents. Go shore diving and you’ll discover the simplicity of just walking off the beach and exploring your favorite dive sites with ease. But wave, tides and currents can have a huge impact on your diving experience and affect your safety underwater if you don’t know how to handle them. This is the best course to enhance your dive skills and understanding so you can enjoy diving in different environments safely and with confidence. In the SSI Waves, Tides and Currents Specialty program, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need to conduct dives from shore, in currents, rivers and different types of waves. You’ll gain a better understanding of dynamic open water environments and learn about the environmental conditions that affect dive sites. You’ll also practice diving from shore, in currents or in rivers to earn the specialty certification.

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