SSI Science of Diving Class - Online


**** SPECIAL PRICING: We are offering the SSI Science of Diving materials FREE of charge until MAY 31, 2020. Sign up for the Science of Diving Webinar today for reduced price of only $125****

The Science of Diving Specialty gives you a in-depth foundation of the topics: Diving related Physics, the Physiology of Diving, Decompression Theory, Environments and Equipment.

You work through the digital materials on your own pace first and then sign up for one of our webinars right here. The webinars are oriented on practical, active learning sessions that are fun and really let you grasp and retain the concepts of the course. Our instructors have a strong educational background and pride themselves in their applied, fun and non-threating teaching style.

This specialty is a perquisite for Divemaster and Assistant Instructor courses however, certified divers are encouraged to take this class to learn how physics and physiology are intertwined with everyday diving activities.

This program is an online program, taught through Zoom Pro. There are no pool or Open Water components.

Please call or email for any questions.

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