SSI Divemaster Course 2023 (Academics , Pool, Materials, SSI Registration)


This Program is your entry into the world of a scuba diving professional!

It consists of three parts: Academics, Shallow water (pool) training, and Open Water dives. This class is the online version were we conduct the academics completely online, but pool and open water will be done in our pool, Lake Pleasant or San Carlos, Mexico (additional trip fees apply).


- minimum of 18 years of age

- fit to dive medical (one year old maximum)

- CPR, First Aid and O2 certifications (two years old maximum)

- 50 logged dives

- specialty certifications or equivalent: SSI Science of Diving, Deep, Night, Navigation, Nitrox, Stress & Rescue

- Full set of professional quality scuba equipment & dive leader specific equipment


1. We will meet over the course of 4 online academic sessions.


2. Then we conduct pool training on following topics:

- dive professional swim test

- general dive/snorkel skills in dive professional quality

- rescue skills assessment


3. In the Open Water (8 dives minimum) we learn (trip fees apply):

- dive briefing

- dive guiding & group control

- how to conduct specialty dives


Included in the price you get:

- Pool and online classroom fees

- SSI Dive Guide materials & SSI Professional registration fee



For active status the dive professional will need liability insurance and dealer affiliation.


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