Smart Housing (Pro)

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KRH03 Universal Smart Phone Housing Pro With Depth and Temperature Sensor

Yes, that’s right! Universal! This housing has an adjustable shim system in it allowing you to fit many of the popular phones on the market into it. We also have another great feature built in, a vacuum port system! No longer worry about if your seal is safe. Simply give a couple pulls on the vacuum pump (included) and the housing will let you know that it has a vacuum and is safe to dive. We have a wide-angle, and macro lens available too. Housing is made from anodized aluminum.

There are two versions of the housing, one includes a temperature and depth sensor, the other does not. This is for the PRO housing, which included the depth, and temp sensor.

Maximum phone dimensions are 158mm in height, 83mm in width, and 9mm in thickness. The phone should have a flat back, curved back phones will not sit in the housing properly. If your phone is the above dimensions or less you should have no problem using the housing.

Maximum Depth Rating – 80m262′

Works with the Dive+ app. With built in colour correction, and compass, it is a game changer! Full manual camera control supported for iOS, and Android. You can find the app on the playstore, or app store, or visit 


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