San Diego and The Coronado Islands - July 2018


July 6-9

72 Aquatics is heading to Southern California for some amazing diving. We will head to the Coronado Islands for sea lions and kelp beds and then to San Diego for visit some beautiful wrecks.

The trip includes a three night stay in a house, three tank dives in the Coronado Islands, and a three tank dive on the local San Diego wrecks such as the Yukon and the Ruby E.

The Coronado Islands is a great dive destination for all certification levels. For those getting certified to experienced tech divers, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Visibility is usually much better than coastal San Diego dive sites.

The islands also hosts harbor seals and sea lion pups who are just waiting for us to show up to have someone new to play with. They'll may even nip your fins - but they're friendly, playful & very cute!

Underwater kelp forests shelter snails, crabs, shrimp, starfish, sea anemones, sea cucumbers, brittle starfish, many species of nudibranch's, California spiny lobsters and many other marine creatures.

Wreck Alley consists of a group of artificial reefs 1.8 miles off the coastline of Pacific Beach. This recreational dive area has been an ongoing project by the San Diego Diving Council and the California Department of Fish and Game since 1986. Depths range from 65' to 105'.

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