OCEANS Module III - Skill Enhancement, Tool Development, Research


Module III

In this Module, you will continue to enhance your skills as a diver. You will learn how to safely dive deeper than 60ft. You will learn to navigate and find your way underwater and you will learn the proper safety and etiquette for diving from a boat.

You will also learn to use one of your most important scientific documentation tools the Underwater Camera . We’ve all taken a great photo on land with our smart phones or point and shoot camera. High
quality photos are quite easy to achieve in this way. Not so underwater! The unique characteristics of light and density underwater require unique skills and techniques to achieve even a basic pleasing photo.

You will learn the basics of Underwater Photography and then engage in an extensive lab session to practice and hone these skills. This tool and its skill set will be used for our future field trips and studies to document everything from Fish and Coral that need to be identified to threats facing our oceans
that we may be able to help solve.

The two Field Trips in this Module will be your specialty certification dives in the open ocean and travel to an exotic location to participate in Fish Identification and population counts in conjunction with REEF.org. You will achieve Photo & Video, Deep Diving, Navigation, Boat Diving, and Fish ID certifications.

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