OCEANS Module Ib - Open Water Skill Development


Module II

Once basic awareness is achieved and the foundation is set, you will then move to Module II and your Outdoor Classroom ’. You will develop the skills to become a safe and competent scuba diver. You will learn about your equipment with proper and safely use of it.

You will learn techniques to control and achieve perfect buoyancy so that you will be able to hover in the
water, at any depth, as if you are weightless in outer space. All of these skills and techniques will focus on your safety, enjoyment, and comfort while exploring the underwater world.

You will then join us to witness first hand, what you’ve learned from the Introductory Module. Your first Field Trip will be your certification dives in the open ocean.

At the conclusion of this 10 week module, you will achieve Open Water Diver and Perfect Buoyancy certifications.

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