Mares Icon HD Air /w Transmitter

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The new Mares Icon HD uses Mares-Wienke RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model) algorithm. The RGBM takes into account the phenomenon of micro-bubbles in order to prevent their formation. In over 10,000 real dives monitored by Dr Bruce Wienke in the Los Alamos laboratories, the formation of micro-bubbles has been studied and evaluated in order to better understand the mechanism behind how micro-bubbles are formed during a dive. Today it is the most evolved algorithm for reducing the formation of micro-bubbles without compromising dive times.

  • Nitrox Function
  • Mineral Glass Screen
  • TFT LCD Color Display
  • Rechargeable Replaceable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Digital Compass with Full Tilt
  • Reprogrammable Processor
  • PC Interface
  • Log Book: Over 100 Hours of Dive Profiles
  • Residual Nitrogen Memory Reset
  • Altitude Program: with Decompression Sea Level to Approximately 12,100' (3,700 meters)
  • Prudential Programs
  • Fresh/Salt Water Setting
  • Disable "Uncontrolled Ascent"
  • 3 Gas Switching
  • Software Upgradeable
  • Air Integrated
  • Pressure Display: 0 to 5,000 psi (0 to 350 bars)
  • Operational Modes: Air, Nitrox, and Bottom Time
  • Superior Display Readability
  • Easy Access Buttons
  • Operational Depth: 492' (150 meters)
  • Ascent Rate Indicators
  • Units of Measure: Imperial/Metric Options
  • Plan Mode with Maps and Photos Option
  • Battery Power Indicator
  • Transmitter with User Replaceable CR123 Battery
  • Audible Alarm Shot Off
  • Watch, Calendar and Temperature Displays
  • User Info Display


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