Mares i3

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The i3 Silicone Mask has an exceptional field of vision. Two side windows in addition to the wide front glass increase the side viewing angle significantly. Mares R&D and Design Divisions have conducted numerous computer simulations and complex studies on the shape of the human face. The results are a mask which combines great comfort with an incredible field of vision. Mask is equipped with the new high-tech buckles and a newly designed X-shaped split style mask strap this strap feature along with a double feathered edge silicone rubber skirt makes for superior comfort and fit.

  • Wide Front Glass and Two Side Windows
  • Lens Design: Increases Side Viewing Angle Significantly
  • High Tech Buckles
  • Newly Designed X-Shaped Split Style Mask Strap
  • Double Feathered Edge Silicone Rubber Skirt
  • Superior Comfort and Fit
  • Tri-Comfort Technology: Ribs Absorb & Redistribute Pressure Exerted by Frame
  • Tri-Comfort Technology: Increased Comfort and Fit
  • Medium Volume Light Weight Mask
  • Easy to Reach Nose Pocket
  • Nose Pocket Allows One-Handed Ear Equalization with Gloves
  • Tempered Safety Glass Lenses


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