Divemaster Course 2019 Tuition


The SSI Dive Master program will train you to be a well-prepared and versatile dive leader.

After the course you will be a dive leader qualified to take certified divers diving creating safety and enjoyment for them. Also you will be able to act as certified assistant able to assist an instructor under direct supervision.

Prerequistes: 50 logged dives, certification in the specialties Science of Diving, Deep, Navigation, Night & LV, Nitrox, Stress & Rescue, React Right CPR, First Aid & O2, dive medical. Full professional scuba system consistent with the 72 Aquatics brand policy.

The price excludes materials: DG Kit $160, $70 professional registration, $99 Physical Dive Pro materials

Also the Open Water training requirements will be conducted separately and will have some additional costs involved with them.

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