Explore the Oceans Below!

This is your chance to experience the beauty and splendor that lays just below the surface. To see the colorful fish, play with dolphins and sea lions, and fall in love with the world beneath the waves. After all, Jacques Cousteau said it best:

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever"

Scuba diving is an incredible experience for explorers of all ages. The weightlessness of being underwater is compared to being in outer space. We are an elite group of underwater explorers who don't just fantasize about swimming along the coral reefs, but actually go and live it. Scuba diving for many of us has become a lifestyle that takes us on adventures around the world. We travel together, dine on local cuisine, explore the world's untouched corners because as scuba divers, that is the lifestyle. 

In order to join this elite group of explorers, one must first become certified to scuba dive. We use special equipment that helps us explore the underwater world that requires specific training so you can do so safely. Our team of dive professionals at 72 Aquatics can help you navigate the process. Let's get you started. 

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