Welcome to 72 Aquatics

Welcome to 72 Aquatics

Welcome to 72 Aquatics. 72 Aquatics is about sharing in the aquatic lifestyle. We snorkel, we scuba dive, we travel the world looking for more amazing aquatic adventures.

We are leading a new era of ocean exploration and protection of the sea. We have been diving in the desert for over 38 years. It will always be a part of who we are and a stepping-stone on our way to sharing our passion for the ocean globally. We feel strongly that a new name, a new look, and ultimately investing in a new facility will contribute to our long-term success and growth.

Around 72% of the earth’s surface is covered in water and that water brings life into this planet by providing more than half of the oxygen in our atmosphere, habitat for more than 2 million species and, most of all, a beautiful escape for scuba divers like us. Few people have the privilege to enjoy the underwater world as we do.

72 Aquatics will empower future generations of divers, swimmers, and travelers to explore, protect and share the world’s oceans. We will continue to empower our clients to explore the oceans through snorkeling, swim, and scuba diving. We will engage in more initiatives to protect our oceans and most of all, we will share our passion for the sea through our interactions with you. 

72 Aquatics will be an opportunity for us to take our core values and share them with a larger audience of ocean explorers. Our past success has been founded on the loyalty and care of our clients, like you, and we look forward to having the opportunity to better serve your aquatic needs under the 72 Aquatics brands.

72 Aquatics will be set up in three divisions, swim, scuba, and travel. Each of the respective divisions will be branded under their own name and logo, “72 Swim”, “72 Scuba”, and “72 Travel”. Together these three brands will make up 72 Aquatics. We are happy about what this change will bring for our company and to our aquatic family. This change enables us to expand into new areas and better serve you and your family’s aquatics needs.

At the end of the day, regardless of our name, we are an aquatic family and the biggest thing that sets us apart is exactly that. We are a family. We welcome new swimmers, divers, and travelers into our family when they do business with us and that will never change. In the end, we are just hoping to make the family a little bit bigger.

No signature can express the gratitude we have for all of you and the excitement we have for this family going forward.


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