A Divemaster in the Making

A Divemaster in the Making

A Divemaster in the Making: A short autobiography by Tom Dew (72 Aquatics Staff Member)

In 1985, I was a college student who loved the water and adventure. When my snorkeling was not deep or long enough, I sought out scuba diving. Desert Divers, with Mike Huhn at the helm, was a scuba shop here in Tucson that offered instruction in a professional, yet fun and relaxed atmosphere. I was PADI Open Water certified by Mike Huhn in June that year.


Fast forward to 2018, I reflect on all the changes over time, including my achievement of Dive Master status and all that's evolved in the world of scuba diving. Mike’s legacy continues thru his son, Alex and a fantastic assembly of talented professionals in the same fun filled atmosphere, now called 72 Aquatics. Scuba equipment is better now versus when I became Open Water certified (using computers more often than tables), the processes are more refined and safe (ascend at 30 ft/min, instead of no faster than your bubbles), and Scuba Schools International (SSI) is now the certifying body of choice for the shop. The 3 essential rules of scuba have not changed, nor has my passion for the sport. I think that is why I always believed I would end up in a professional role, and I am grateful for those who have helped me advance to higher levels of scuba.


So today, I lift my glass to thank all those instructors, Dive Masters, and Open Water divers who taught me the skills to get to this place called "Dive Master". I grasp the torch so that I may now help others thru my professional instruction, so that they too may experience the joy through safe adventures in this wonderful environment that represents 72% of our world's surface. Let us all explore and respect it's beauty for many years to come.





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