Aqua Lung Look HD

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The Look HD from Aqua Lung is a dual lens mask that offers a sleek design that is inspired by the classic Look Mask. The frame is rugged because it is made from innovative techno-polymers reinforced with inorganic fibers. A stainless steel bar has been integrated into the frame to eliminate torsion and keep the lenses in the same plane. This stainless steel (AISI 316) anti-torsion bar has been integrated into the frame structure for maximum dimensional stability and lens planarity. This optimizes visibility by eliminating distortion. The Look HD has the added benefits of Aqua Lung's patented Double Joint Buckles. These state-of-the-art buckles move up-and-down, as well as in-and-out to give you the most optimal fit possible. This mask's unique close to cheekbones design is perfect for divers who appreciate streamlined gar; its low-profile enables you to clear any water that inadvertently enters the mask and provides an excellent view in every direction. The Look HD has Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) that uses bands of different textures around the edge of the skirt to provide a superior seal against the face.


  • Double Joint Buckles
  • 4mm (0.16") Tempered Glass Lenses
  • Silicone Skirt
  • Double Feathered Edge Skirt
  • Wide Split Style Strap
  • Two Windowed Mask
  • Push Button Adjustable Buckles
  • Maximum Adaptability to Wide Range of Head Sizes
  • Low Volume Design
  • Easy to Clear
  • One-Hand Easy-to-Reach Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization


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