Aqua Lung Lotus i3

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The Lotus i3 is the latest installment in Aqua Lungs fine line of ladies' BCs It is a Back Inflation BC with an integrated i3 Inflation / Deflation System that is designed and styled just for women The BC is equipped with Aqua Lungs Wrapture Harness System The Wrapture Harness System not only Hugs-the-Contours of the Female Body providing Superior Comfort and Stability, it also Supports the Scuba Cylinder in a way that has never been more Comfortable to the Diver

The i3 Inflator Mechanism has a Single-Touch Control for both Inflation and Deflation Lift-U- to-Inflate, Push-Down-to-Deflate, what could be more simple? BC provides a Low-Profile with Flat E-Valves that are very Streamlined-and-Effective They are also "One-Way" which keeps water out The Multiple Dump features mean that when you depress the i3 Lever, all of the Flat E-Valves Open at once! No more reaching for the wrong valve The Lotus i3 BC has a Custom Backpack that is Thin to keep Cylinder Close to your Center-of-Gravity and Efficiently Distributes the Cylinder Weight

The Wrapture Harness System works in conjunction with the Shoulder Swivel Buckles (patented) to Prevent Ride-Up and Support the Weight Pockets The patented Sure-Lock II Weight System provides a simple, Single Pull Release Loading is as simple as Insert-and-"Click" The Sure-Lock ll Weight System has a Dump-Able Weight Capacity of 20 lbs (9 kg) and Trim Pockets that hold an additional 5 lbs (2 27 kg) each The BCD is available in sizes X-Small/Small, Medium or Medium/Large and provides from 35 to 40 lbs (15 88 to 18 14 kg) of Lift

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