Aqua Lung Infinity

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The Infinity gives divers the comfort and fit of a low-volume design, but its unique polymer side lenses also deliver the bright, open feel of larger multi-lens masks. Well suited to diving and snorkeling, its long list of features provides superior in-water comfort, including fast strap adjustments and easy clearing. The close-to-the-eyes frame design naturally increases field-of-view with excellent coverage upwards and downwards. Optical quality polymer side lenses deliver a high degree of light transmission for an open, bright feel underwater.


  • Unique Polymer Side Lenses, Deliver Bright, Open Feel
  • Well Suited to Diving and Snorkeling
  • Superior In-Water Comfort
  • Fast Strap Adjustments and Easy Clearing
  • Close-to-the-Eyes Frame:
    Naturally Increases Field-of-View
    Excellent Coverage Upwards and Downwards
  • Optical Quality Polymer Side Lenses, High Degree of Light Transmission
  • Open, Bright Feel Underwater
  • Cardanic Joint Buckles: Rotate Up-and-Down and In-and-Out, Customized Pinch-Free Fit
  • Buckles: Counterposed Push Button Activation
  • Strap Adjustments Fast and Holds Strap Securely in Place
  • Easy to Adjust when Wearing Gloves
  • Wide Silicone Strap: Comfortable, Secure Fit
  • Skirt: High-Grade Silicone
  • Shatterproof, Tempered Glass Lenses: Meet ANSI Standards


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