Tobi Reitmayr, SSI Instructor Certifier

Hi, I am Tobi Reitmayr and I like diving. By April 2020 I have conducted more than 2100 dives and countless pool and confined water sessions and for some strange reason I am not getting tired of it. To the contrary, I am getting actually more into scuba diving since I started in 2002.

I enjoy diverse dive sites in all parts of the world with diverse marine life. I have open accounts with several species of marine life meaning that I still need to find them. Those are: Paddleflap Rhinopias, Hammerhead sharks, Mola Mola, whales in general, Leatherback turltes, Donut nudibranch, all blackwater diving subjects, several unique Pygmy Seahorse species, Anemone Boxer crab, jawfish with eggs, Wolf eel, Giant Pacific octopus, Psychadelic and Ambon frogfish, all kind of Lumpsuckers, "bugs"...the list really is too long.

Besides scuba diving I love to teach dive professionals, take images and a little bit of video underwater, and freedive as much as possible. And ship wrecks are pretty cool too. And one day I will be a tech diver.