Terri Mackey, Assistant Instructor

Hi, my name is Terri Mackey and I am an assistant instructor at 72 Aquatics. I have been diving for about 5 years. Since 2014 I have done about 350 dives. 
One of my favorite trips I took with 72 Aquatics was to Australia where we stayed on a live aboard and dove the Great Barrier Reef specifically to see the dwarf minke whales during their migration. A pleasant surprise was seeing the Komodo shark (Sheree, you may want to check with Alex about this one. Not sure if that is it’s name or not). We also were able to witness first hand the the effects of climate change as it pertains to the reef and it’s bleaching. We visited Cairns and Sydney as well. It truly was a trip of a lifetime!
I reallly enjoy scuba because of the peacefulness of the ocean as I dive. It causes me to reflect on my impact to the environment and impels me to be a better citizen of the seas. We all need to try and do better to protect it for future divers.