Fusion 72X

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The Mares Fusion 72X Regulator Black is made from ultralight technopolymer, offering high air flow and a Twin Power system. This is combined with the great Mares 72X first stage, ideal for all tech and recreational diving configurations!

1st Stage Features

  • 4 Vertical And 4 Radial Lp Ports (Pat. Pending)
  • Ideal For All Tech And Recreational Diving Configurations
  • Natural Dfc On All Lp Ports
  • Pre-Oriented Hp Ports
  • Ast - 1St Stage Dry System
  • Pearl Chrome Finish
  • Compact Dimensions

2nd Stage Features

  • Twin Power System
  • High Air Flow
  • Ultralight Technopolymer
  • Wide Pivoting Purge Button
  • Superflex Hose
  • Achieved En250 Work Of Breathing Requirements At The Depth Of 200 M At A Breathing Rate Of 62,5 L/Min While Using A Breathing Mix Of 6,7% Oxygen, 83,3% Helium And 10% Nitrogen. This Gas Mixture Has A Density At 200M Equivalent To The Density Of Air At 50 M
  • Certified Performance At 200 M, Proven Technology At 400 M

Tech Specs

  • First Stage Weight: 882g Yoke 
  • Second stage weight (g): 327
  • Total Weight (including hose): 1345g (YOKE) 1171g (DIN)
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